Kieran Lindars Smashes His PB At Ardingly

Kieran Lindars, GB Pro Triathlete and ZEN8 Head Coach, recently smashed his personal best 5km at Ardingly with an incredible time of 14:57.

We recently spoke to Kieran to get a full break-down of the race.

How His Day Started
''I started the day by waking up at 6:15am. This was to make sure I had sufficient time for both traveling and to allow my breakfast to settle. I always make sure my last big meal, in this case breakfast, is eaten 3 hours before I am due to run. My breakfast of choice was 100g of oats mixed with 300g water to make oatmeal. I added a small amount of honey and peanut butter to add flavour.''

The Race Start
''It was a fairly cold and windy day which meant it was going to be a tough day out. Because of this, I knew it would be important to stay within a pack of runners to be sheltered.''

Kieran adds, ''The first 1km was slightly downhill with a tail wind. Because of this, the pace went off very fast. It was clear from the start that some of the front runners were wanting to split the pack which resulted in the pace surging with the tail winds and then slowing of pace going into the head winds. This meant the first km went out in 2:51, a lot faster than what I would have wanted, but I decided it would be worth the extra effort to be able to sit in the pack.''

Finishing Strong
''I got a little bit of protection going into the wind before the pace sped up again. At the half way mark I was around 7:18 and was still comfortable within the pack. At 3km the race at the front was on and a big surge came from one of the athletes. This completely split the pack and I was isolated. The last km was against the wind with a slight incline. This reminded me how hard 5kms are and what happens when you go out fast. I could see the timer and new I was close to sub 15 so I gave everything I could to finish off a strong performance.''

On To The Next
''This is my first 5km running race in a few years so I’m confident with a few more and better conditions I can continue to chip away at this PB of 14:57.''
Looking towards the future, Kieran adds, ''Next month I have some triathlon races coming up so I’m excited to finally show what gains I have made after using the ZEN8 Indoor swim trainer for over a year now.''

All credit for the images goes to Eva Gilbert Photography.