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good way to feel not totally unable to swim and to keep arms and shoulders trained. not yet back into the water will keep u posted !

Great product

Absolutely great product and material! The price is more than fair! Extreme fast delivery also!
Enjoy the possibility of exercising with zen8 🤙🏽

Elastinsistesms are perfect but the paddle ca be improve like a gloves, Inhave disability on my s...

A strap or an ergonomic paddle can give a good improvement I’m working on i my regards Alex

Swim Trainer for Triathletes & Swimmers by ZEN8

LVL 2 Swim Cords with Paddles for Dryland Swim Training by ZEN8

Amazing !

I purchased this product to help me keep some swim fitness during the UK lockdown. After using the trainer 2/3 times a week and managing to get back in the pool not only has my technique become smoother but i have taken off 8 seconds per 100m .

Improve your swimming on dry land

A great way to do swimming training without access to water. Good system.

Swim Trainer for Triathletes & Swimmers by ZEN8

Im not a profesional swimmer and I trying to improve my swimming. The equipment is great to do this. 👍👍

Very good feeling on using the product

Good materials, easy and safe to use, but some limitations on real technical training;. I mean heap movement is not easy to carry out, and I have found some problems when using the smaller pump hole.

Excellent home alternative

The ZEN8 trainer has totally lived up to my expectations. It is simple and efficient, with a straightforward setup. The workouts can easily be tailored to each user's needs and training capacity. One can go as long and hard as needed and structuring workouts is simple. The only improvement I can think of, is a softer inner layer in the paddles' stripe to minimize abrasions.

Ideal training equipment for my rehab

I have been suffering for more than a year from adductor & abdominal tendinopathy & I had to completely quit my sports life. Zen8 gave me a very good option to combine a zero impact training on my issue that allowed a smooth introduction back to sports.

Very good product

Overall a good. It’s essential to get the air pressure right for good balance. It does what it is supposed to do. It would be an idea to be able to open the the fixing loop which would make it possible to attach it to a preexisting post. Communication with Zen8 was excellent and the additional tax and fees has been refunded. Thank you for that.


Really a very good product! I hope now that I can swim faster.


The Zen8 trainer is everything that it is promised to be. Having been out of the pool for the better part of a year it has been incredible to get the muscles firing again. I cannot wait to go for a swim or surf again to see how it translates in the water

Great training tool!

I feel this can really boost both power and technique in the water. As a poor swimmer, I can feel the difference, and I think I can improve, even slightly, with this training tool!

Excellent for days you can’t go to the pool

Quality material supporting my dryland exercises.

Swimming at home when pools are closed

hard to tell when you cannot go to the pool and see the improvements. But it does enable short work outs any time

Super service

Nothing to point a finger at...


Lead tine for completing the export it taken a lot of time

Swim Trainer for Triathletes & Swimmers by ZEN8

Indoor swim at it’s best

It is easy to prepare and a good workout is possible at any time of the day in any location. Awesome training during the lockdown.

Zen 8

An excellent training device. I find it easy to use and effective. It fulfills my expectations.

Swim Trainer for Triathletes & Swimmers by ZEN8

Confident amputee

After being diagnosed with bone cancer at the start of lockdown I had my right leg and hip amputated. I swam nationally as a teenager and completed an ironman in the years after so I've been planning a big return to the water once I completed chemo.

Without training for the last few weeks on the Zen8 trainer I wouldn't of been anywhere near as confident or as balanced as I was when I got back in the water for the first time as an amputee.