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checks both core engagement and streamlined horizontal position concerns

I have been using swim cord bands as additional swim training for personal training and coaching. However, since Covid hit and forced lockdowns, I have been looking for swim specific training tool in the market as the swim cord approach has, unfortunately, had multiple gaps:

I find that core engagement and streamlined horizontal positioning are neglected. So then the next solution is combining the swim cord and a bench or yoga ball; the next challenge that occurs with the bench plus cords compo is that the bench is a stable platform, and it's hard to engage the core facing down a stable platform. Finally, the yoga ball is unstable. However, you are in a streamlined horizontal position.

The zen8 swim bench plus the swim cord checks both core engagement and streamlined horizontal position concerns. It is imbalanced, activating my core while on it and firing up every muscle for a better-streamlined horizontal position with every stroke.

Excellent product

Great indoor swim trainer/improver, builds strength and improves ability with online coaching, ideal if you have limited or no access to a local pool and it is to cold to go open water swimming.

Excellent Trainer

Has helped my swimming technique tremendously!

Exceeded expectations

Wow, since the Covid pandemic started, I have incorporated dry swims to my training. I used a Halo swim bench (great for high arm catch practice). Although this was a great tool, I had limited core engagement or feedback. If the catch was off, I might disturb a swim trmplate. With the Zen8 bench, my core is engaged. Feedback has been recieved real time as stroke deficencies will challenge my ballance of I start to scrape the floor. Very portable device. GREAT JOB!

Great workout

I have recently rediscovered swimming through the joy of swimming in my local lake. I have set myself a few targets for this year which includes many visits to the Lake District. Zen8 is definitely keeping me on target with my training. I love the fact that I can concentrate on my technique as well as building power- I love my Zen8 it’s even better when when I have limited time to train.

First thoughts about ZEN8 swim trainer

Took a few attempts to get the placement of the swim trainer right i.e Hall landing area not wide enough, garage too cold during the winter, living room just right. (Could be useful to detail the required free space around the the trainer for optimum set-up) Swim trainer hits the right muscle groups and I can already feel the benefit in the pool - freestyle and breaststroke catch improved.

Prima zwem workout in Corona tijd

Ik maak er veel gebruik van, vooral in deze Corona periode waar alle sportfaciliteiten gesloten zijn. Voor training inspiratie maak ik gebruik van het YouTube kanaal. Prima.
Sinds ik m’n email adres had achter gelaten worden je wel bedolven onder de grote hoeveelheid spam over ZEN8. En nog steeds … dit moet echt minder (max 1x per maand. Zo niet dan zal ik me laten uitschrijven (unsubscribe)

Top Indoor swmming

great for technique training indoor. Ideal for less time traning.

Great training tool!

Ordered as could not swim due to perforated eardrum ..great way to keep upper body strength going!

Amazing Goggles, no fog, no leak. Great Price

Absolutely thrilled with my ZEN8 swimming goggles. They perform fantastic and look awesome. Had some great compliments on them at the pool. They come with a nice hard case and protective covers. An absolute must buy.

Could do better

I feel the product should come with a training manual instead of trying to get me to sign up for training.

I also feel you should wait until I had received the product before providing me an offer for the training program. Or you should have given me a month to accept the training offer. That would have allowed me to have received the product, tried the product and then opt to take the training offer.

Hi Tim. Thanks for your feedback. If you sign up for the 2 week FREE Training Plan at you will get a training manual and all you need to get started.

There's numerous videos to get the know how to use the Swim Trainer. If you do not want to continue with the Premium version after 2 weeks all you have to do is to cancel it.

We normally deliver the product within days, so we are sorry to har that it took you longer before you had a chance to get started.

Head over to the link sent above, and you will love the training manual!

Sporty regards,

First Use of the Zen8 swim trainer

I received the Zen8 swim trainer as a Christmas Gift. After, unboxing and setting it up, I did a session. Balance on the Zen8 was challenging to start but, it got easier as I progressed through the session. I think this is going to be a big addition to my training!

Although the set up is simple, the pump to inflate the box sucks. It's completely ineffective, so be prepared to blow on your own for awhile. I'm early into the workouts and swimming is not my thing. I like that the workouts don't take an inordinate amount of time, and they seem to be effective. Overall, I wouldn't pay the sale price for the device if I knew what I was getting, but the workouts seem ok. It seems to be a decent workout tool for people strapped for time.

Great so far

I’ve had my Zen8 swim trainer for a couple weeks now. It’s tougher than I thought it would be (in a good way). Working on building up my time on it. Can definitely feel it in my swimming muscles the day following a workout. To early to tell how it will effect my pool swimming, but feeling confident it will help my overall endurance and hoping it helps me get faster. Also the swim cap is great. I use it all the time when I’m in the pool.

Simple and effective

Such a simple and effective solution for everyone struggling to find the time to hit the pool. As well as training that all-important muscle memory, it serves as the perfect workout for people hunching over their laptop all day.

Great tool

I bought the trainer in November 2020 because of the Lockdown in Austria and all the pools were closed. I always wanted a training bench for swimming, but the price was too high.
Well, the zen8 is a great swim bench. I should use it more often honestly, but when I am on the bench... I love it

Older athlete

This product is excellent for supplementing open water swimming especially as it’s so cold now. Also for an older person it’s great for strength and stamina

Excellent product

Feel stronger and more ready to swim fast

A Must Have For Anyone Wanting To Improve Their Swimming.

As soon as I saw this, I was a sure that it was a must have item. Once I got mine and put it to use on the first day, I knew it was absolutely necessary to have in my arsenal of tools. As a former pro level triathlete, who took a long hiatus, I know what it takes to excel, and this is definitely fast forwarding my swim re-introduction journey.

Delivery disaster

I bought the Zen 8 on October 31st, 2021. After three weeks I contacted the helplines as I had not received the package. They tried to find where it was and apparently it had gone missing. Finally two weeks therafter I was sent another Zen8 which as of December 8, 2021 I´m still expecting....

Hi Luis,
We are sorry for the inconvenience with the courrier losing the package. Happy that we got it sorted as soon as you reached out though. Enjoy your training, and please remember we are here to help if you need anything.


Great alternative!!

Easy to set up ..good training videos on u tube…


Very surprising how helpful this equipment is for my swim training.


When arrived everything look great, I then tried to pump up the box only to find it has a split in the seams???
I am now trying to sort out with Zen so fingers crossed 🤞

Hey Kevin.

Hope you're well. I've sent an email to you regarding the inner bench.
Very sorry to hear this was faulty, but don't stress.

We will send you a new on out today if you can just email us back with your order number. Hopefully your new inner bench will be with you tomorrow.

Let us know if we can help with anything else!


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