STOP SINKY LEGS with our TOP 3 Swim Kick Drills

Improve your kick and make Sinky Legs a thing in the past.

Activate the right muscles and transfer to the water. Top 3 Swim Kick Drills you can do at home.

If you nail drill #3 on the first go, you're 1 in 50. 

Wondering how to improve your swimming kicks' strength and technique at home? Even though long distance swimming propulsion mainly comes from your arms, having a good kick can help you to keep the right position in the water and minimize drag.

New to swimming?

If you're new to swimming, and coming from a running or cycling background it can be hard at first to know how to kick in a correct way. We normally use the same motions we would running or cycling as this is ingrained into our muscle memory. These motions will only create drag and make you swim slower.

ZEN8 Head Coach & GB Pro Triathlete Kieran Lindars shows you his 3 favourite dryland swim kick workouts that will improve your kick in the water.

These are 3 exercises that can be implemented in any ZEN8 - ZWIM AT HOME™ Workout.

If you want to jump to each drill, we have linked to them below. 

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Get straight into each drill below:

1. Kicking on your back - Perfect to implement in your ZEN8 - 
ZWIM AT HOME™ Workout.

3 x 30 Seconds is a great start.

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2. Swim Sock drill - Great for new swimmers or younger athletes.

Don't "bike" or "run" in the water, as this will create drag.

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3. Streamline kicking on the ZEN8 - Are you up for the challenge?

This won't be easy at first. But with tim, as you get better body control and balance you will nail this, and you will love the results in the water.


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