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Our Story


ZEN8 was founded during the 2020 pandemic in the French Alps at 2000m above sea level by Age Group Triathlete, Victor.

As an age-group triathlete and former struggling swimmer, Victor understands the challenges of finding the time and resources to improve swim performance.

That's why he founded ZEN8, to provide a solution for those who want to train effectively and efficiently at home to add to their overall performance.

Rewind to 2018, Victor completed his first Olympic Triathlon. After almost quitting during a panic in the water, he had a serious word with himself and finished the race. It was at that moment he knew he had to become a more confident and stronger swimmer if he wanted to continue competing in triathlons.

It was time to train and get ready for the next challenge, Ironman 70.3 Cascais 2019…



"I was determined to finish in the top 10 of my age group and knew that meant putting in more hours of swim training. But with a full-time job, family and social life, finding the time to train was a constant struggle. Going to the pool felt like such a big effort and very time consuming. I found myself prioritizing bike and run training over swim training because it was just easier and more convenient, and I was constantly thinking of ways to get swim-specific training done at home."

Race day came and with that a 22nd place in his age-group, Victor was happy with his result but not satisfied. There was still room for improvement.

When lockdown hit, pools closed and the only open water was just melting from the top of the mountains in the Alps, Victor knew it was time to find a way to bring the Swim Training indoors to his living room.

He set out to create an affordable, portable, effective Swim Trainer that could be used at home, in a swim-like position.



The team worked tirelessly to perfect the design of the Swim Bench, going through multiple prototypes and testing them with athletes, triathlon and swim coaches.

After months of trial and error, they finally found the perfect balance of mimicking the body position of swimming and providing support for core stability and body control.

This innovative product; ZEN8 Swim Bench and ZEN8 Swim Cords make for a comprehensive dryland swim training solution that can be used at home, or when you're on the go.

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"We created the ZEN8 Swim Trainer with the goal of providing swimmers and triathletes with a cost-effective and time-efficient solution to improve their swim performance. It's been amazing to see the positive impact it's had on our customers and we're excited to continue helping others unlock their full swim potential." 

As a full-time working age-group triathlete I understand the challenges of finding the time and resources to improve my swim performance. 

With the ZEN8 Swim Trainer, you can build swim-specific power and strength, improve technique and coordination, and train with on-demand workout videos.

But we don't want to stop there. We want to take dryland swim training to the next level with an immersive experiences, data tracking, and smart technology.

"Our vision is to revolutionize dryland swim training by creating an immersive experience that utilizes technology and data to enhance the user's experience. By investing in yourself with ZEN8, you're not just improving your own performance, but also helping us bring this vision to life."